Problems with MQTT bus

Hi, I am a new user of OpenHAB 2 .

Recently I have installed the openhab2 and mosquito to my raspberryPi 3. Also I have configured the cloud of openhab.

I have make a temperature and relay node with a esp8266.

All is working fine but the problem is that sometimes (50% of the time) when I activate the switch over openHAB, the openHab don’t send the command over the mqtt server and the node didn’t receive the action. I have check this process using MQTT.fix

In the first step I was using the Mqttbus but I have read that maybe can collapse my raspberryPi so I have delated all the lines reference to the bus, but the bus is still working.
Is any form to get a stable communication with openHAB and mqtt.

Take a look at your
file and delete it. Then restart the server.

Yes, if done through
it should work without any problems (it does at my place).
I have four ESP8266 with several sensors connected and all are working as expected.

Hi, the problem was that I had setting two diferents mqtt and sometimes openhab didn’t work propertly. I have delated that file and now works propertly.

But when the openhab(basicIU) is a long time resting the first comand that sends to the mqtt is more slower than the following, is any way to keep always a fast speed msg to mqtt broker?.


I recently had similar issues when using ESPEasy v120 that I flashed on some Sonoff plugs; after upgrading the ESPEasy firmware to v 148 everything runs faster and smoothly.