Problems with Telegram: Messages are not received

I already had telegram up and running with openHAB. Rules were working perfect for testing purposes. After my tests were finished I disabled the rules.
Now I reactivated them and not a single message is received although the rules are triggered.

After revoking the current telegram token and doing:

I get the following response in my browser:

{“ok”:false,“error_code”:404,“description”:“Not Found”}

Is there anything wrong with telegram generally or do I have a problem?

according to the syntax is<token>/getUpdates which means you need a token.
According to your description you revoked the token and also did not use a token in the URL you used.

Hello Woflgang_S,

thanks for your fast reply.
I have problems with the editor in the forum

What Is used was:<token>/getUpdates

and replaced token with the one I got from BotFather.