Problems with Travis CI timeout and erros for an addon submission

In that PR for a new addon submission I had problems with that build that has canceled due to timeout).

And previously with that build that presented errors on MQTT binding test that I haven’t modified.

The second one I “solved” temporarily commenting the MQTT modules, but I don’t know how to manage the timeout. Any help will be appreciated.


You shouldn’t disable other bindings or tests from other bindings in your PR, if you have, please undo that.

Certain binding tests fail sporadically through no fault to changes elsewhere. The addon maintainers are aware of that and won’t take a build failure at face value. So don’t worry about, just make sure that your own code builds and works correctly. Getting three green checkmarks more of a fortunate happenstance than any sort of requirement.

Thanks, @cpmeister,
I’ve restored the commented MQTT modules from bundles pom.xml, my idea was to revert after check build is ok, but I’ve done now from your explanation.
My previous experience was with my contribution to InfluxDB addon with OH3.0 branch but when 2.5 addons were not yet merged and the only ones where the persistence ones that build nicely.

In any case, I see it’s impossible to build it correctly now as when there are no bugs, the building exhaust the 90 minutes maximum time of Travis.

I did some cleanup and checked locally that now the build passes with static code analysis with only one warning that it’s correct behavior by me.