Problems with Whitelisting of scripts in OH 2.5.6

Well, yes, it does make an assumption that you would read further down in the doc to find out what %2$s might be about.
Pretty obviously it’s a valid thing to put in your whitelist, because it’s right there in the example.
It does not explain why you might want to put %2$s in your whitelist though, no.

If you haven’t read that part of the binding doc describing the actual use of parameter substitution, you are not likely to be using %2$s, so it wouldn’t really matter.

I am struggling to understand what this has all been about. :crazy_face:

It is just all about the issue that after upgrading to 2.5.6 from 2.2 almost everything stopped working.
Now I am struggeling to find out what has all changed (breaking changes).

And the white listing issue is just one under many.

Yes, that is quite a big jump in versions and covers a lot of significant changes.

Those will be detailed in release notices, but even if you read them all it would be difficult in practice to pre-empt all possible problems.

I take it we’re done with this issue though, and exec binding works as documented.

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The new rule engine allows us to use any javax.script compatible scripting language. There is some outdated documentation here and newer documentation in the helper library repo. By using scripted automation with Jython, your rule scripts could be all Python. Hopefully soon, you’ll be able to set it up through the UI. Until then…

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