Problems with Z-Wave configuration (e.g. Fibaro FGS 224) -> different indices

I am observing a strange behavior when integrating my Fibaro FGS-224.
The GUI and the code configuration seem to use different start indices.

(config: RaspPi 4 4GB, current Openhabian Stable 3.0.1, Razberry card)

In the association groups of the GUI there are groups 0, 1 and 2.
In the code part of the configuration there are group_1, group_2, group_3 (see pictures).

An association that is entered in the GUI under group 1 also appears in the code under group_1 (see controller).
But group 0 in the GUI (Lifeline) is therefore dead and the controller must be entered under group 1, which is actually already intended for channel 1.

The fact is, it works with assignment, as it is displayed in the code configuration.
But it is not easy to write the configuration into the switch each time
because the changes in the code configuration are often not taken over (or are they perhaps immediately overwritten by the GUI configuration?). Especially if you try to write something in the “group_3”, as this then only works via the code configuration, which is often not adopted.

Is this a known problem and what is the best way to deal with it?

It is a configuration error in the database entry. I will correct it. Here is an excerpt from the manual.

EDIT: The database has been updated and the changes will be in the next database export and subsequent binding snapshots.

Okay, great ! Thanks. :grinning:

Is there a fixed schedule when the next snapshot will be available ?
I assume i have update the ZWave package from here: openHAB-ZWave [Jenkins]
Is this correct ?

I mean, the other Fibaro modules (e.g. FGS-223) are also affected.
Are their entries also corrected ?

The database is usually exported about once a week. It was last exported on March 5 so Chris will likely export sometime this weekend. The snapshot build processes can then get the changes.

You may need to delete the Thing from OH (NOT exclude from the network) & rediscover to get the new settings.

I did an export a few days back as well, but there were no updates so it doesn’t show in GH. I see Bruce approved something earlier so when I get back home tonight I’ll do another export.

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The current binding there on Jenkins should have those changes. Other modules would only get updated as discovered.