Problems with Zipato rgbw bulb


I have a Zipato RGBW bulb, which I included next to the controller about 1 meter away. The inclusion worked fine after some attempts and I was able to control on / off and dimming the light as well as changing the color.

But when I move the bulb to another room, the bulb is offline and I can’t control it anymore. I noticed that the bulb only has the controller as neighbor in the zwave network view in habmin.

I use Openhab 2.5 and I never had similar issues with my other 30 zwave nodes.

Does anyone else experience a similar behavior with a zwave node? Why doesn’t have the bulb any neighbors except the controller? What else can I do to get the bulb working anywhere in the zwave network?

Thanks, best regards

It is always a good idea, when possible to include the device when it is in its final location. There could be a routing issue.

Hi @Bruce_Osborne,

thanks for your fast reply. I tried to include the device in it’s final location, but openHab doesn’t find the bulb then.

No mains powered devices that could act as repeaters?

I have more than 20 main powered devices and all other devices have at least 6 neighbors.

In the screenshot you can see the two affected bulbs with node id 37 and 38. Do you know why there are so many red connection lines? For exmaple between node 1 and node 6?