Procent does not show

Hello all,

I have added the Cloud binding and connected it to my iCloud Account.
Then I have added my phone as a thing. After I linked the Batterie Level Item to it.

Then I added following code:

Text item=MarksIPhone_BatteryStatus label="Batterie iPhone Mark" icon="batterylevel"

Number MarksIPhone_BatteryLevel "Battery status [%f]"

But the Procent does not show on my sitemap.
Can anyone help me? Maybe someone has the same Problem?

You have a label in your sitemap and another label in your item. BasicUI will use the one in the sitemap.

Remove the label from your sitemap.
Second - you can add this to your label in your item file: [%.0f %%]


Also, this item in yoursitemap -

is not the same Item as -

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Ahh nice catch… Didn´t see that one :smiley:

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Haha :smiley:
There is now a Procent Symbol after the “-” but It doesn´t show my real batterie status.
I also restarted openHAB and my phone but they wont be friends

Thats probably because your item hasn´t updated yet.

it’s updated otherwise the percent wouldn’t be coming here.

No it isn’t because you have a “-”

Have you fixed the Item name in your sitemap?
Can you show us the line in your events.log where your Item gets updated?

Just to be clear.
You need to have the item value… Not update the file/sitemap.
As Rossko says, look in your logfile and make sure your item is updating. It wont change from “-%” to a value untill it updates.

No it does not update yet. There is nothing in the event.log

Okay, so is this Item somehow linked to any binding?

Good approach but not the case.

If it´s not linked to any binding, you will never get any value, (ofocuse).

Ok. Crinch!
I have it now. The item shows a Batterie status. But it is Not the original of My phone (See right bottom)