Produce a distribution binary and release (for Rpi3) of OH2

Hi All,

i am struggling to create a release version (.zip, etc.) of OH2.
I followed the instructions here, but it states go to the “root directory” and run mvn install to produce a distribution binary:

Note, that if you wish to produce a distribution binary that you will
later copy to a different machine, you will need to build in a different
manner. Distribution builds are done with maven. Go into the root
directory of the project and run ‘mvn install’

I checked out all during IDE setup process (esh, oh1 addons, oh2 addons etc.) and now I struggle to understand where to add new developed bindings and also cant see changes at existing bindings. I want to test it all on a Rpi3 and want to deploy it there.

Maybe i just dont see my errors…would be great if you can help…


I’m sure you don’t have any errors. I’ve never been able to produce a non-failing Eclipse workspace for this system either.

I’m currently trying to build a distribution. If I can find the magic incantation, I’ll post it.

I have worked the list of errors in Eclipse down to just 5. Running a clean cycle helped a lot.

So back to the original topic… This reply is so late you hopefully have figured all of this out already, but just in case someone else needs it:

After installing using the IDE setup guide on my Windows box, I had these directories:

 Directory of C:\Users\blahblahblah...\git

03/09/2017  03:45 AM    <DIR>          openhab
03/03/2017  11:28 PM    <DIR>          openhab-core
03/09/2017  03:45 AM    <DIR>          openhab-distro
03/09/2017  03:45 AM    <DIR>          openhab2-addons
03/03/2017  11:29 PM    <DIR>          smarthome

The guide says “Go into the root directory of the project and run ‘mvn install’”, but that’s clearly impossible.

So what you have to do instead is go into the root directory of EACH project listed and run ‘mvn install’. This should produce a distributable under openhab-distro.