Produce simple text output

Searching for “text files” brings up zillions of hits about configuration, so if this has been discussed before it’s not easy to find. :slight_smile:

I’d like to produce simple text file output. My OpenHAB instance is not exposed to the internet, nor do I want it to be. So what I’d like to do is produce a simple text or HTML file that I can manually push to an internet site, which will let me see some basic status information.

I know I can generate this using the REST API, but that’s a pull instead of a push, so I’m curious if this can be done within OpenHAB. Maybe someone has created a text UI, or some other add-on that I am not seeing, or there’s some other way to accomplish it that I haven’t learned yet.


It depends what you really want to do, because it seems you want to push some kind of message from openhab to an webpage, what must not be related too a file creation.

E.g You can either use http binding to send a http request, that an existing webapp will process (e.g. sending a specific item state), or you can use exec binding to run any kind of script (what could also produce a file) or use javascript to call a webservice …

The exec binding sounds like what I need. Thank you!