Proper repo for pr to remove paper ui

This is probably going to go a long way toward making me real popular around here but which repo would be the correct one to make a pull request to have Paper user interface removed from OpenHAB?
Since it is unfinished and semi-fuctional it really confuses the living heck out of new users. I realize it is the only ui that auto populates but this just worsens the confusion.

I do not consider this a 3.0 issue
I consider this a 2.6… maybe… now

broken is not better then none

Do you have an alternative for the one and only ADMINISTRATIVE UI? If not, you better rethink such PR. FYI there are already plans for a successor.

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yes and I know there is actually two very well developed successors. HabMin is a very fine functional administrative ui
can we settle for pr to rename paper ui to administrative ui?

and edit:
Jurgen already thumbs up this post but anyhow

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Since this is already stated in the Documentation I don’t see the necessity.

ten thousand forum question think you are wrong

like i said in op

This should be the repo:

To remove it you should first put your contribution towards having a usable alternative like this:

Many people’s setups here depend on using paper ui and they don’t use textual configuration for things at all. There is even whole bindings where developers had an ui first approach like the new mqtt binding.
When removing Paper Ui you will have just as many if not more angry and confused users on this forum just for different reasons.
I d rather put my effort into helping those users which are confused now to bridge the time until the next generation ui will be released.
Just my thoughts.


Removal of PaperUI would be considered a breaking change since it is the only admin UI we have that mostly works. It will not be removed before there is a viable repalcement. The good news is that it will be replaced in OH 3.0.

Habmin has as many if not more aspects that will make it confusing to new users. Hidden menu Items, non-functional features that are live (e.g. the Scratch like Rules builder), etc. Habmin as it is right now is not a viable replacement for PaperUI.

That is less breaking but don’t discount the confusion that will be caused by all the thousands of posts on this forum that reference PaperUI. If we were going to go forward with PaperUI for the long term I’d be behind this change. But since PaperUI is going away I don’t think changing the name would be worth the effort. It’s not the best but I think we are better off continuing on as we currently are until PaperUI gets replaced.