Proposed Enocean implementation


I think Enocean is a very interesting standard, and I plan to buy some sonsors and actuators. Right now, I have two devices:

After reading here in the forums I see that the Enocean binding is not that well-kept, supporting only a very small group of devices. There are loud voices requesting a new binding, but that would not be ready in the near future.

So the questions are,

  • how do you integrate your Enocean devices in your homes?
  • what do you recommend for connecting Enocean devices to OpenHAB2?

I have seen a solution where the Enocean handling is done by Homegear which is connected to OH by MQTT, but hey that’s another system needed to kept maintained.

Thanks for your recommendations :slight_smile:

Please check this discussion. It might not be satisfying, but I am sure it gets a glimpse on why things are happening this way!

Hi George,

thanks for the link. There are legal implications, so the new openhab2 binding should be based on another library. I have set a bounty on that improvement and am currently investigating if I am able to contribute to that issue (this osgi looks complicated).

The question is more what the current “state-of-the art” connection between Enocean devices and OpenHAB2 looks like.

If you don’t like MQTT, you may want to look at the Homegear/HomeMatic binding solution here. You’re right, you have to maintain another system. However, for me it’s a suitable workaround as long as no native EnOcean binding is available. Setting up Homegear is also not that complicated.

Hi, just wanted to say that I have now tested homegear with the HomeMatic binding, and it works very well. Thanks for your input :slight_smile: