Protect a button with a pin


is there any possibility to protect a button with a pin?
In my case I have a button to open the door. I would feel more safe if a keypad would pup up as soon as I click on the button to make sure that no one else is able to open the door. My child is also playing from time to time with the tablet or phone and this would make sure that she do not open the door unintended.


The Button itself not … but you can do it like this …

But notice that the Button itself is not Secure … if anyone know this Button, he can switch it for example with the RestAPI…

Nothing on openHAB is secure. Even the REST endpoints and transmission are sent in the clear. What you are trying to do is basically mimicking security and just adding one more step before something occurs.

I already have the keypad widget for HABPanel. What you can do is setup a rule to a proxy item. If that proxy item changes, then the receivingItem for the keypad must match. Again, this is not ‘security’ but more of safety.

This seems to be an interesting feature. I’ll see what I can come up with…

You can use port 8443 and disable port 8080 (iptables, ufv, etc) and at least get some end-to-end encryption. That would prevent stuff being sent in the clear. Not exactly a fully security solution but better than nothing.

Correct. I just mentioned “security” because I did not want users to get a false sense of security. Same reasons described here