"ProtocolValue null is not configured."?

in the debug log I get an message:

"ProtocolValue null is not configured. If the command is a state this will result in no error."

Can anybody tell me what that means: “…command is a state…” (sounds rather puzzling to me)

Background: I’m trying to get an EnOcean actuator (Omnio UPS230/08) running on V1.8.0). Item:

Switch 		Eno1	"Eno1" (All)	{ enocean="{ id=FF:9B:E2:01, eep=D2:01:01, channel=B }" }

As soon as I activate the item in the web UI I get the above message.

Does it have to do with EnOcean or is it something else?


Since it’s a debug message from the EnOcean binding, it is not reporting a problem.

Hm, not sure whether that helps… (thanks anyway!)
I had forgotten to mention that the device is not responding. So, I’m still at a dead end.
Any other hints?

BTW, has anybody got EnOcean actuators working? Or am I chasing a red herring…?

I don’t use the binding so I don’t know more. I see an issue reported a week ago that is possibly related. I will add some tags to your post in hopes of other users commenting.

Are you get to know what means this “issue”. I have same DEBUG message and my relays not react when I change the UI switch,

Thanks in advance.

I have exactly the same message, and my equipment does not react…
Did you find a solution ?

Sorry, no. I ran out of time and had to abandon the project for the time being.
I’d still be interested in a solution, too.

To rephrase the question:
Can anybody publish an example of an EnOcean actor integration?
(One that has been tested and verified, if possible.)



Just started with openHAB and I am facing the same problem.
Will welcome any reference.