Proxy item (switch) shown in Paper UI control panel

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: 8GB, 4 Cores
    • OS: Ubuntu 16.04
    • Java Runtime Environment: java version “1.8.0_171”
    • openHAB version: 4.1.5
  • Issue of the topic:

For testing and demo purposes I would like to define a “proxy switch”, not bound to anything, which is shown in the Paper UI control panel and can be referenced in my rules files.

I do have a switch working for the rules file, but how can I display it in the control panel?

Thanks for any hints.


I could be wrong but I don’t think PaperUI displays proxy items, or at least not in my PaperUI. You can create a site map and use BasicUI to display and control the proxy switch.

The Control panel is not meant for daily use, it is just some sort of overview for testing purposes.

Thanks, yes, what is what I intend to use it for (testing).

So this won’t work because you cannot link a channel to a proxy item …

PaperUI is for administration purposes.
Anything “userland”, including test stuff, shouldn’t be done there.
So rather create a sitemap and access it in Basic UI (or using any of the other UIs).
Your proxy item will show up even when there’s no channel linked.

Thanks, I tried it and it works halfway:

dev.items: Switch ManTrigger “Manual Trigger for dev”

sitemap home label=“Testing”
Frame label=“Manual Trigger” {
Switch item=ManTrigger

The state change via basic UI works. When clicking on the button is see the following in the log file:
Item ‘ManTrigger’ received command ON
ManTrigger changed from NULL to ON

However, the state does not seem to change:
Status of ManTrigger is: NULL

It looks like something is missing. Any idea?


How do you come to say that, where’s that output from ? You said yourself (two lines up) it did change.

if your file is named dev.sitemap, your first line has to be
sitemap dev label= …

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@hmerk that seems to be something that’s overlooked, or forgotten about, quite a bit. Nice catch.:+1:

Thanks. Will check it as soon as I can…my PC broke down… :frowning:

Finally I could bring my PC back to life and everything now works.
Thanks a lot.