Pull request from website

Hi all

I dont know if its possible, but i assume that everything is possible :slight_smile:

We can see on a website every day, when my daygther has arrives, leaved or hasnt arrives school on a secured website.

I would like to pull that information into habpanel

anyone having an idea how to do that, ?

one option would be: an HTTP bound String Item (with some transformation if needed)
Then display this Item in your HABPanel

Check: https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/http1/

Does that website provide any documented api? (doubt it :slight_smile:)


No there is no api for this :frowning:

Im all blank into this HTTP, could you be interested to help me?

Well… you need to do your own “digging”…

Maybe there is a better method to grab that info from the website.

I would try the following: Look at the html page source and check for the specific area in that page where the info that you are interested are listed. Then construct an http request (with auth) to pull that specific text from the website.

Use that URL in a HTTP Bound String Item (using incoming config <) to receive repeated updates from that website.

Of course… it may be more complex than I describe above since you may not be able to pin-point the section in that html page where the text that you are interested is residing. Then you would have to write a script to parse the entire html and extract that String.