Pull station list from tunein.com for amazonechocontrol

i just had an idea, basically i plan to display lists of tunein.com radio stations dynamically on my sitemap (basicui). Preferably i’d like to fill the “mapping” parameter of the Amazon Echo Control binding’s radioStationId Selection items with id and channel name, so the gf can pick her fav music easily and send it to the echo group.

Parsing the json should be no big deal, but is it possible to fill mapping arrays or whatever by script/rule at all? if everything fails i could do it completely html/js based and render it in an iframe but meh, any other ideas?

I don’t think this is possible.

Something more along these lines might be possible with HABPanel and a custom widget.

i made this the other day, will share soon!

It still needs better scrollbars and controls which player/device should be used for playback.
Searches are stored in cookies like all my other stuff


I’m very interested in this.

i’ll put up a public repo soon with all the good stuff, job is killing all my time atm.
The tuneIn thingie still needs an option to select the output device (other Amazon Echos in the house or maybe even local browser playback).

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I’m also interested in this, however I want to output the selected station to my Denon Heos receiver. If you share your solution, I will look into it to add this feature…


Hey there,

Look at html/tunein.html


Hey I got bored so i implemented the output device setting quick, you need an Item, in my example TuneInPlayDevice and set it to the device of your choice, edit js accordingly, voila (“local” opens browser-based player):



Thanks for sharing!