I’ve got pulseaudio installed - tho a customised version on a Synology NAS (under the name of AudioStation).

I’ve just installed the binding for OH2 (OH2 is installed & working on the same NAS) and it won’t auto-detect anything, tho if I do a manual config for Pulseaudio server that thing says its ‘online’ in paperUI (tho whether it really is, I’ve no idea). Now i’m completely stuck, with no idea what I need to do.

If it helps, from the binding’s wiki page it suggests doing ‘pactl list sinks short’ from the commandline, which returns:-
0 null module-null-sink.c s32le 2ch 44100Hz SUSPENDED

and doing ‘pactl -s list sinks’ (where the IP address is the NAS IP address) it says ‘Connection failure: Connection refused’.

Is anyone able to give me any pointers please - anything at all would be helpful. Thanks.

Hi @DSTM, I try also to setup PulseAudio binding with Synology Audio Station. In my case, i have successfully to create a PulseAudio server bridge (manually) in OH2 with the following parameters : server= & port=5000. My log file displays: [INFO ] [udio.handler.PulseaudioBridgeHandler] - Established connection to Pulseaudio server on Host 'xxxxxxx':'5000'.
Next step: add pulseaudio device…

Thanks, I can achieve the same, which is further than I got before.

But I’m stuck for what to do next, so any further help would be great.