Push button on sitemap

Hi. I’m new to openHAB and trying to get a push button setup on my sitemap. I’m running openHAB (openHABian on an RPI) version 2.3.0-1.

My sitemap:
Switch item=GarageDoorClose label=“Close Garage” mappings=[0=“CLOSE”]

My items:
Number GarageDoorClose “State is [MAP(garageclose.map):%s]”

My map transform:

Essentially the idea is that everytime the push button is pressed in the Basic UI, I’ll have a rule that checks if the garage doors are open and if so, then closes them. Showing the garage door open/close status in the Basic UI is already working and I’ll handle the closing control logic next once I get the UI button working.

When sitting at a PC, I can pull up the Basic UI, click the “Close” button and while watching the logs see the message “Item ‘GarageDoorClose’ received command 0”. Great. But, when I’m looking at the Basic UI via the openHAB iOS app, I click the “Close” button nothing happens (meaning no log file message).

In both a browser and iOS app, the button works like I think it should (or at least good enough for me).

Any thoughts?



Thanks I will give this another try. I am pretty sure I did try the autoupdate exception but it didn’t affect the button in any way.