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Correct me if I’m wrong, but if I want to push messages to my phone, I should use MQTT, no?

Today, I’ve got some scripts that are sending SMS messages. But this isn’t so nice (read easy or cheap) to do. I’m contacting a small IPT-server beside my openhab server, and blablablabla.

So I would like to use MQTT to push messages to my phone.
With an MQTT client under linux, I can subscribe to a group that’s been managed on the openhab server. So I guess this part is working.
But I’m a bit lost what the best approach is on my phone. What software do I use to have my phone the whole time ‘listening’ on the mqtt group.

MQTT is definitely an option but you can do better. If you are willing to send push notifications to your phone I can recommend Pushover: https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/Actions#pushover-actions
I’ve been using it for a long time now. Telegram or Prowl would be similar options.

I agree that you’re probably looking for something more like Prowl or Pushover, etc. I’m getting into Prowl (was a tossup between Prowl and Pushover, but I’m invested in iOS) and it’s worked well so far. I haven’t got my sensors that I’m using it with completed yet, but in my testing I haven’t failed to get a notification, normally within a few seconds.

Another option is using your wireless carriers email to SMS gateway. You can then send an email from OH to @vtext.com (Verizon’s gateway, for example) and receive it as a text message.

If you have or want a gmail account, you can also send messages to hangouts using the XMPP plugin. It can be configured for two-way so that you can send messages back to OH if you want. I use it only for notifications though. Just another option that is out there.

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Just gave pushover a try.

And it’s rather easy to set this up. :blush:

  • Just an account on pushover.net (was a small investigation what was needed).
  • An android app called pushover
  • 2 lines in openhab.cfg
  • And 1 rule in a script.

So for the moment, this is a big ‘+’.
Now some scripts/scenario’s to test it a bit more in depth, but at first sight, it works smoothly.

(you see, when you’re well informed, life can be beautifull)

If you use prowl + mqtt. You should look into mqttwarn. Lets you configure rules that will monitor topic X and when something comes in can send out to prowl or many other places.

I had come across mqttwarn, on your website perhaps. Maybe I didn’t look into it far enough, but for someone already running OH, what is the benefit?

The dashboard looks nice, but is that part of mqttwarn or just something you put together?

I use mqttwarn in additional to openhab. I had it even before openhab.
I have various systems around my house that can send me noticed through

that dashboard is called “dashing” (http://dashing.io/) i have used
basic widgets for stuff and even used dashing with openhab.