Push notifications from own openhabcloud

Hello, I have OH3 and own openhabcloud. I don’t get push notifications to OH3 device, in web interface and in logs I see that cloud send notification, but I don’t get it.

GCM XMPP connection is online
openHAB-cloud: Authorizing incoming openHAB connection

part of my config file

"system": {
        "host": "my.host.com",
        "port": "443",
        "protocol": "https",
        "proxyHost": "home.host.com",
        "logger" : {
            "dir": "./logs",
            "maxFiles" : "7d",
            "level" : "debug",
            "morganOption" : "dev"

In same config I get notifications to OH2 devices

Check if you can enable more verbose log level in your openhabcloud instance to get more information in the log files.

i have debug level

 openHAB-cloud: Notification request from ae5643bb-2e46-4d19-9e4f-ad2926cedf47 to user 44@***.kz
2021-07-01 10:00:22:2222 info: openHAB-cloud: Notification from ae5643bb-2e46-4d19-9e4f-ad2926cedf47 to 44@***.kz

in logs it send

I do not have the latest code here and I am also not using that kind of notification.
As far as I see in the code the first row in your logging is generated before the notification function is called.