Push to Ipad without myopenhab

I have set up an iPad with Synology’s Dscam to show my IP cameras. I use iOS guided access to show this app whenever the iPad is woken up.
This works well when I push the home button. The next step would be to wake up the iPad remotely. This can be done via sending a push notification via myopenhab but I am looking for a local solution like HabPanelViewer on Android.

Is there a best practice on how to send a push to an iOS device in my local network?

I am unaware of any push service that doesn’t require a cloud service of one sort or another. That’s the nature of push notifications.

If you host your own Nextcloud service, you can use Nextcloud talk. There are a few topics here on how to use the Talk API to send push notifications from OH. It’s a long way to go just for push notifications on a local cloud service however, if you don’t already have the pieces in place.

That never occurred to me. Good idea!

Wish I could take credit for it. I’m pretty sure I stole it form around here somewhere.