Pushbullet stopped working

since some days / weeks the pushbullet binding stopped working.
When I use the provided example I get this error:

Rule 'Pushbullet R2D2 changed': Instance is not a PushbulletActions class ( org.openhab.binding.pushbullet.internal.action.PushbulletActions@713a1eab

However I have another python script running on another server and this is working great so its related to the openhab binding.

it has something to do with the Pushbullet Actions v1. Since it is not included in OH2.5 anymore only via legacy the new binding does not work or has never worked I’m not sure since I always used the Pusbullet Actions v1


ok there was an error in 2.5.1
No I updated to 2.5.3 and now its working again

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