Pushbutton - without using sitemap

I have configured my Openhab using Groups, so that each item in my .items file is assigned under a group using brackets.
On my sitemap I have set up the groups to show items on individual group pages, this cuts down the time configuring as I do not need to go into the .sitemap file each time i add a new item.

I would like to use push buttons, but i think the only way of showing a item as a push button is to configure this on the sitemap. Is there any other way?

No :slight_smile:


Because there is no Pushbutton widget at all. The only option is to use the Switch widget and specify a mapping. This cannot be resolved through a simple group. And though it is possible to create a sitemap only with groups, this is not the intention for openHAB. If you want more complex sitemaps, you have to write a complete sitemap.