Pushover.cfg wrong permissions?

i started my SmartHome with Homematic and now I want to use openHAB. I’m running the latest openHAB version on Raspi, the installation was a package setup. Everything is running fine (Homematic and Hue bindings), so I wanted to configure Pushover. I edited the pushover.cfg file, but something seems to be wrong with the permissions. I’m not a Linux dude, so please be patient with me ;-).
The log shows me:

2017-03-06 22:09:55.988 [WARN ] [ore.service.AbstractWatchQueueReader] - Could not process config file ‘pushover.cfg’: java.io.IOException: Keine Berechtigung (no permissions).

The permissions for pi are 644, like the other files (items, rules, etc). What can I do to make openHAB accept the cfg file???

Thanks a lot

No one?