Pushover is there a client for OH?

is there a client for OH
i may missing something but all i find are alert notification (SEND from OH to pushover)
what i looking for is to RECIVE and show it in OH
i already get them on my phone and in the native client from pushover
but i look more frequently on the OH dashboard and would like to it there

Pushover only offers an API for sending messages, not receiving, so this is not possible. Where do the messages you want to receive originate from? There is certainly a better way to accomplish what you’re after, e.g by using a cloud mqtt broker.

There is a beta Open Client API which can be used for receiving Pushover messages.

pushover has an open client api for websockets (receiving messages)
so technically its possible
not sure about the ability to use sockets in OH or implement it in some external way

messages coming from a bunch of different places
and yes partially i may be able to implement it in a different way in OH
but it probably woudnt be complete and not worth the effort to catch 10-20 different sources
when i already have them in pushover

then i rather open a second tab in my browser with pushover or look at my phone

Ah, didn’t know that, then it could certainly be possible, if someone would be willing to implement it.

yeh that what i am looking for
first i checked what api support is on pushovers side
obviously if they dont support it it would be hard
(still possible but probably illegal by hacking their client :smiley: or hocking up to it)

and then looked aroud if i find something for OH ( havent :frowning: )
so maybe some one knows more

Although I prefer Pushover’s messages (urgency levels, specifically), I am currently using Telegram messages because it can be set up for user responses back to OH.

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