Pushover stopped working after OH2.1 upgrade

Hi all,

Pushover notifications used to work properly for a long time but after upgrading to OH2.1 it stopped working. I changed nothing in my system.

Pushover itself works fine. When i send a test message from the Pushover website i get the notification instantly on my phone.

I checked the pushover.cfg file and all is fine (nothing changed).
I also checked the OH logs and also there all is fine.
For some reason OH is not using the pushover API and sending the notifications to pushover service.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the reason? I uninstalled rebooted and installed thew pushover action in OH but it didnt help. Cant figure out what else could be causing this.


Unfortunately not :grinning:
Can only tell that pushover still works fine with 2.2 snapshot … and used to work with 2.1 snapshot also.
Did you double/triple check your credentials?

Edit: did you exceed your message limit?

Thanks for your quick response. Yep checked that too. it didnt exceed the limit. its driving me nuts. doesnt make any sense. everything is there as it used to be.

forgot to mention, yes i also checked the credentials. everything is correct. i hadnt touched any of these anyway. it just stopped working. i mean pushover itself works. but OH service is just not working.

I would first start checking if the pushover action is active via karaf and bundle:list:

206 | Active | 80 | | openHAB Pushover Action

You could also enable debug for pushover:

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.action.pushover (I guess that should be correct, never tried that)

Another idea could be deleting

/userdata/config/org/openhab/pushover.config (not .cfg!) and restart openHAB.

The last thing if nothing works is deleting the content of /tmp and /cache and restart openHAB (restart takes a while after that).

You did not change your phone by any chance? :grinning: I did that two days ago and forgot to change my rules to the new phone name … :sunglasses:

thanks so much.

haha nope didnt change my phone :slight_smile: i made a test from the pushover website and sent a test message and it arrived instantly on my phone.

by the way, how do i enter karaf?