Putting a org.eclipse.smarthome.* bundle in the additional add-on files folder not supported?

After upgrading to the latest snapshot build, and after working with the latest state of the smarthome code repository, I tried to to install a custom version of o.e.s.core (only 1 line of code changed) by adding it to the add-ons folder, and to disable and un-installing the same bundle from the default installation through the karaf console (so that only the custom bundle would remain), and then restarting the framework, but this resulted in a quite a bunch of errors related to EventFactories not found and so forth (too long to copy/paste here). I suspect this has to do with the (order of the) bundle loading at startup, or start-up levels? Therefore the question: is it (still) possible to load core bundles through the add-ons folder, or not?

Seems like it should be possible, but I don’t know much about the core so I can’t say. I know there is a bug (not sure if it has been fixed) where the offline .kar file for addons do not work. Maybe this is related.