Python scripts in openhab from home assistant

Hi I’ve been testing home hassistant for some time and I really miss openhab.
Openhab is so much easier to automate everything and set up a system. no need to restart the system all the time and meaningfull error messages even for a noob like me.
I find that home assistant has many more binding and some of them, like the chomecast binding is able to play mp3, aac, ect. I’m not able to do this in openhab, I could also play spotify playlists.
Is it possible to somehow use the binding from home assistant on openhab?

You can’t use an HA “binding” directly in openHAB but you could maybe integrate the two servers using the MQTT Event Bus binding in openHAB and configuring the corresponding MQTT processing in HA.


Are you sure that home assistant has really way more bindings? There are many different bindings which are covered in one binding in openHAB, e.g.:

          HA   | OH
knx        7   |  1 
mqtt      17   |  1
homematic  7   |  1
sum       31   |  3

Even if there is some additional functionality in HA (e.g. I don’t know what is meant by ‘camera’), most of the functions are covered by one binding in openHAB.

In question of play mp3… is this still correct for openHAB2?
I don’t use built in audio with openHAB but only remote audio like mpd or squeezelite, but afaik you could play back audio through a dedicated interface or even through your browser. Well, openHAB is not intended to be used as an audio player, so it won’t be very comfortable…

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Oh, I retested, it work with streaming and mp3 - great!!! :smiley:
I definitly going back to openhab! :slight_smile:

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