Python stubs for openHAB

Are there any licensing issues involved if I wanted to generate Python stubs of the entirety of openHAB and publish them on GitHub? I presume the repo would need to use the EPL-2.0 license at a minimum.

If these stubs wind up in the Helper Libraries repo itself, are there any licensing issues given that that repo is licensed under EPL-1.0?

I have managed to get them generated automatically and would like to put it together with stubs for the Helper Libraries to make writing rules and libraries much easier. I would have different sets of stubs for different versions of OH, and the associated stubs for the correct JDK version as well, such that one would copy the stubs that match the version of OH in use.

@kai I know you are a busy man, but all the licensing questions seem to be answered by you. If you have a minute I would very much appreciate your input!

I think with putting the stubs under EPLv2 license, you should be on the safe side.
Note that for EPL it is fine if those files are then combined with other files that are under any other kind of license (or even close source), so the stubs won’t have any impact on the license choice for the overall repo or the projects where they are used in.

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