[Qbus] Initial contribution

Dear maintainers or development specialsts,

I’v developed a binding for the home automation system called Qbus.
The JAR I’ve compiled for openHAB2 has been tested by multiple users, so it’s time now to add my contribution to the bindings.
The binding is reworked for openHAB 3 and compiled without errors, so i did a pull request (https://github.com/openhab/openhab-addons/pull/9191).
The Qbus binding compiled succesfully, but there was an error on another binding, so i’m getting the error that the pull request was not succesfull.

Can someone inform me please what the next steps are that i should take, because it isn’t clear to me.
Kind regards,

There is nothing you could or should do actually.

Maintainers will see that the build failed for another reason. They will start with the review when they will find time for it.
So just be patient…

OK, no problem.
Thx for replying :grinning: