Qolsys IQPanel and openHAB 2

Hi all,

First post on the forum and very interested in improving my HA with openHAB 2. I currently have a Qolsys IQPanel that’s used as my alarm system panel and Zwave controller for home automation. I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to run the two together. Has anyone tried to set the two of these up together?

My first go round of trying to make the IQPanel a secondary controller didn’t go well and I managed to wipe out all of the nodes from the controller in the process.

It looks like someone could integrate the IQPanel with openHAB but a quick search didn’t turn anything up.

The thing to realize with many if not most zwave devices is they often only support one controller. So they cannot be a member of more than one controller’s network at the same time. If this IQPanel is trying to act like a zwave controller, to get it to work with OH you need to either add the devices to the IQPanel and figure out how to expose them to OH 2 or add them to your zwave controller and figure out a way to expose them from OH to the IQPanel.

Thanks Rick. I found a great tutorial on Zwave networks here: http://www.vesternet.com/resources/technology-indepth/understanding-z-wave-networks

So I understand that the Primary and Secondary, along with all of the nodes, need to have the Home ID in order to communicate.

I started to investigate other controllers because I bought some glass break detectors and found out that they are registering as HA devices instead of security devices when I add them to the Alarm panel, so I am unable to trigger the alarm with them.

That led me to openHAB and thinking that I could make openHAB the primary that monitors the glass break detectors and then triggers the alarm.

I also found a post about adding devices to this device list, but I do not have the ability to add them. Seems like that functionality is limited. http://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list

If you are referring to adding devices to the OH zwave database, then you just need to create and account and ask chris to give you write permissions.

@chris could you give me write access. I would like to try adding the Qolsys IQpanel.

Done - thanks.

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Where did you end up on this? I was successfully able to add my panel to the z-wave network as a secondary panel and OpenHab2 picked it up but it doesn’t appear to be in the database because it shows up as “Unknown Device”.

Any update on Qolsys IQpanel integration?

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I’d really like to see some motion on this.