QOS: How to secure that commands are executed correctly?


In general my smarthome solution works quite OK. But sometimes I experience that commands executed by rules are not having effect. Two examples:

  • Homematic: I have rules to change position of my rollershutter in case of hot temperatures during the day. But sometimes there must be a communication error or something for a device, which is then hindering changing positions.

  • Hue: I am turning on lights outside by motion sensors. Two lights are steered but sometimes only one light is changing.

Have you any ideas how to secure that commands are actually effecting the devices in the way they should do? Is there some quality of service feature?

Based on those experiences my solutions at home are nice and handy but not reliable for anything more serious.

Thx in advance!

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I would invest some time trying to debug each step of the way to try to identify where the “comms” are failing.
It could be that your OH2 setup is fine for the Hue rules and there is a network timeout (for any reason) when communicating to the second light.

Try to narrow down the issue to see where exactly the problem exists.

There is no QoS feature and even if there was… it wouldn’t protect you from a communications failure.

Any system is as reliable as its configuration and its underlying infrastructure.