Qos mqtt?

Is there a way how to set QOS on thing level?
Per documentation it looks like it is possible on broker

mqtt qos can be different per topic, if I set it to broker every topic will have same qos which I don’t want.
is it simply:

Thing mqtt:topic:something "SomeStuff" (mqtt:broker:home) @ "Place" {
        Type switch : switch "Test"       [ stateTopic="home/switch/stat/POWER", commandTopic="home/switch/cmnd/POWER", on="ON", off="OFF", qos=2 ]

? … kind of missed it in doc

It can only be set on the Broker Thing. You should file an issue to request the option to set the QOS on a per Channel basis. Have them add that as an option on the publishMQTT Action while they are at it.

k thanks