Qubino Flush Dimmer trouble


I have some Qubino Flush Dimmers. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I turn them on with the wall switch, or by sending a dimmer value from the app (if the previous value was 0), the dimmer just reports back the new dimmer value on the switch_dimmer channel to the controller but it doesn’t report ON on the switch_binary channel that was previously OFF. This is a little annoying because I use the switch_binary channel to later turn everything off at bedtime. Since OH already thinks this one is off because it gets no updates, it doesn’t send anything and the dimmer light stays on. I just noticed that the switch_binary channel says “Deprecated” in the description. What do you recommend I do? Is it necessary to implement my own boolean for every flush dimmer with a rule? Or is this something that shall be fixed in the binding?


You should not use the binary switch - this is why it is deprecated. Just use the dimmer channel. OH doesn’t require two channels for dimmer and on/off - you can send on/off commands to a dimmer and they provide the same functionality for 99% of devices.

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Oh! I had no idea you could send on/off-commands to the dimmer channel. So I can add a regular switch item and connect that to the switch_dimmer-channel? I will try that when I come home. Thanks!

Yes - you can use the channel as if it was a switch. In OH, a dimmer “overrides” the functionality of the switch - so a dimmer gets switch and dim functions. A colour control overrides the dimmer - so you get switch, dim, and colour controls - but you can still send it an On/Off command…

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Thank you very much! That solves another problem for me too, the Fibaro Dimmer that doesn’t have a switch channel at all. I’ve always wanted an on/off-button for it in the UI :slight_smile:

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@chris I’ve tested this for a while now and it works, sort of. Don’t know if I have made something wrong, but every time I turn on my Switch-item from the app, the controller sends both a Switch Binary Set (0xFF) and a Switch Multilevel Set (0xFF) making the dimmer go to 100% every time. I want it to just send a Switch Binary Set so that the dimmer turns on with the value it had before it was turned off (the dimmer remembers this). Is this something I can change in any way? It worked as intended with the deprecated switch_binary-channel.

EDIT: I removed the switch item and added it again, and now it only sends the Switch Multilevel Set (0xFF), not the Switch Binary Set (0xFF), which makes the dimmer go to the last remembered value when turned on. Not what I expected, I thought the Switch Multilevel Set (0xFF) was the problem, but it almost works as intended now anyway, except that it slowly dims up and down the light as opposed to turning it on and off almost immediately as the deprecated switch_binary channel did.