Qubino Flush1 relay

Hi all, I’m installing a bunch of Qubino Flush1 relays in my home in order to control lights and sockets. They work great through zwave binding, but I cannot set the configuration parameter in order to change the switch type, in particular the parameter no.1 from bi-stable (which is the default) to mono-stable. I’m using the 1.7.1 compiled version of openhab, and it keeps me saying that “the database can’t find product”. Which is actually true, since the binding supports the flush 1 relay ZMNHAA but not the ZMNHBB I bought, which just looks the same Flush1 relay. I’m in the process of contacting the guys at Goat (the company which designed this devices) in order to understand the differences between these two (firmware, I suppose) versions. In the meantime I thought about compiling a new zwave binding adding just the same database entry of ZMNHAA but with the different code. Is it a safe thing to do? Because, you know, these things can burn and I would still have a home for Christmas :smile:
Do you have any suggestions? Does anybody of you faced this problem?

See the z-wave wiki page for advice on how to add a new item to the database.