Qubino Weather station in product database

I got a zwave Qubino Weather station, ZMNHZD1, http://qubino.com/products/weather-station/ , cant find it in the Product Explorer?
I have this zwave binding:

Does it need to be there to use it?
Here are the xml:

node15.xml (31.0 KB)

BTW the sensors are just 433 mhz sensors reporting to a stick (hub) that speaks zwave…

Yes. And no, it is not in the database yet:

See here what you need to do.

Edit: if you are on OH1, it’s a bit different, take a look here if that device is in the database (I don’t know the exact product name):

Ok, thanx, I think I’ll wait until someone else does this :wink:
In the mean time I’ll try to read the sensors directly with RFXcom :wink:

It would be good if you could consider contributing the input - if everyone waited for “someone else”, then we won’t get very far…

If you are already running this with the zwave binding, and it is generating an XML, then it would be beneficial to load it into the database.

ok,sure I can give it a try, but I’m using OH 1 so how do I do that?

If OH1 is generating the XML file (in the /etc/userdata folder) then you should be able to use this to create the outline of the database entry…

  • Create a login on the database site
  • Let me know when it’s done as I’ll need to update your access so you can add/edit entries
  • From the main device list, there’s a tools menu in the top right. Click on this and click “Add Device from openHAB file” (or something similar). Type the name of the device into the form, and cut and paste the XML into the appropriate place.

Click go, and hopefully it will generate the entry…

Ultimately, we’ll also need for someone to type in the configuration data. IF you have a manual, it would be good to also upload it to the database (there’s a section at the bottom of the page for uploading manuals).

Thanks for looking at this - if you have any issues, please let me know.


ok, stupid question, but are the dbase common for oh1 and 2?
I have made a login.

Yes, if we can get the data into the online database, then there is a button to generate the OH1 and OH2 database files. Basically the database contains all the information, and from there we can format the data however we like - OH1/OH2, or another way :wink:

I’ve given you access - thanks.

ok, I have made an entry, but I just put in one config parameter, could you please check it when you have the time. Will continue to put more if thats the way…

Ideally you should post the content of the xml file into the appropriate field (see chris instructions above).

I did, but the xml did not include the among other the Config parameter… as he mentioned