Qubino ZMNHJD1 (pilot wire for heater): wrong item


I own a Qubino module, ZWave+, to pilot one of my heater. The pilot wire function to control the dimmer is on fact a set of signals, sent on the heater wire, to let it understand which mode it has to switch (off, comfort, …).
Qubino uses an dimmer interface to let a smarthome box choose one of the 6 possible modes: the 100% range of the dimmer is splitted in 6 area (0%-> 10%, 11%-20%, 21-30%, 31-40%, 41-50%, 51-100%). Each on is then translated into the right signal, sent to the heater… (please this this page in french for a complete description: http://www.domotique-info.fr/2015/11/ajoutez-module-z-wave-fil-pilote-a-radiateur-electrique/)

(I hope I’m clear).

My concern here is simple: It could be really nice to have a 6 (exclusive) buttons interface associated to the “thing” instead of a slider. As I’m totally new to OH, I clearly don’t know if this is possible, and if so, how to do this.

Hi @dmartinpro,

I try to do the same installation with my heaters. I have recently purchased a Qubino ZMNHJD1 zwave module.
For your problem, the solution could be the Setpoint or Selection sitemap elements. More details on this link : https://github.com/openhab/openhab/wiki/Explanation-of-Sitemaps

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I just finished my heater’s installation with Qubino ZMNHJD1.

Items file:
Dimmer ChauffageZone1 "Chauffage Zone 1 [%d %%]" (groupSystem) { channel="zwave:device:<YOUR ZWAVE CONTROLLER ID>:<YOUR ZWAVE NODE ID>:switch_dimmer" }

Sitemap file:
Selection item=ChauffageZone1 label="Chauffage Zone 1" icon="dimmablelight" mappings=[0="Arret", 15="Hors gel", 25="Eco", 35="Confort -2°C", 45="Confort -1°C", 100="Confort"]

N.B: you can also change Selection element by Switch element

Everything seems ok for me !

Thanks. I’ve managed to get the thing working using a Switch element in a sitemap, and using the auto generated item.
But as I’m trying now to have a better control of my items, I’m creating each one by one in a *.items file. Thanks for your trick. I may use Selection in the future.