Qubino ZMNHXD Smart Meter channels

I’ve not yet decided to buy this device, since I’m unsure whether it actually covers my use case.

I studied the documentation of that device in the zwave binding doc, but couldn’t find the respective info I was looking for.

Hope one or the other user of the Qubino ZMNHXD Smart Meter can help.

Use case:

  • Smart meter to measure import/export energy and power of my house.
  • Will be installed behind the main fuse.
  • I would only want to use the data provided via the zwave binding


The manual states “Energy - active power accumulated import/export”

  • Which channel provides that data? Is this accessible via Zwave?

Power (W)

  • How is the current power reportet in the import/export case? Import positive number, Export negative number?
  • or in other words - which channel(s) can I use to see the current status (import or export) as well as the current power associated to it?

Thank you.

Currently, this device requires either openHAB 2.5.12 or a very recent snapshot of the binding for OH3.

Here is the database entry, along with a copy of the manual.

Thank you.

This is pretty much the same documentation I studied earlier - see links in my original post.

Is it possible to get the required info by using the zwave channels - I’m very unsure.

  • Do I import or export energy “right now” = does my solarplant generate more power than I currently consume? No idea how to find that out from the documentation…

  • What is the power (Watts) accociated to it
    This measurement I probably get with “Electric meter (watts)”

Other question:
Why 5 endpoints? “Total” + “Phase 1,2,3” would be 4 endpoints ?
Maybe endpoints 1,2,3 are not meant to be mapped to the phases?

Is this something you can help with?

That is what we have I think. The root endpoint is normally only providing heritage support, so you will have the root, then phase 1/2/3, and total - probably :wink:

No - if you don’t know, then we won’t know as you have the device. If it’s not documented, then we can only guess - like you. Or you do a test and load up the phases individually to see what is reported.

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That’s the catch - I would want to be sure it provides the info I need, before I buy it.

I guess I will have to try to find a different device… maybe one with a web IF…
Any suggestion?

Maybe you should ask the supplier - surely they are the best position to support their devices?

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Raised a ticket on the qubino website - let’s see what their response will be.

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Here the response from Qubino…


OpenHab2 doesn’t support the rate type Export values. Due to this, you will not see the kwh(export) values, which increments, when a photovoltaic system is connected. You will only see negative power consumption (negative W values).
For now, the platforms and gateways that do support kwh(export) and w(export) are: ioBroker, zwavejs2mqtt, Toon gateway.

• Do I import or export energy “right now” = does my solarplant generate more power than I currently consume?

You can see this as the power that is produced is reported as negative W

• What is the total power (Watts) accociated to it This measurement I probably get with “Electric meter (watts)”

generaly you should get 4 (5 the one without the number is the copy of 1) readings under number 1 it will be the total of the W, the W from 2 - 4 is divided by Lines.

• Accumulated energy import / export (kWh) until “now”

Not possible because OpenHab don’t support this value.

• What does “Electric meter (kWh)” report? Netted import/export?

Right now only the import.


They are pointing to limitations in openHAB.
Nothing that I can verify, judge…

Any idea?

Please open an issue on GitHub with their explanation so this can be tracked.


As a contribution to this discussion I lacked reporting of “import” total energy. Qubino support gave me this info:

"Every z-wave device consists of endpoints. The 3 phase smart meter has 5 endpoints, by default. The root endpoint and endpoint1 both map to the same functionality, that is why the values are the same. In a nutshell: the root endpoint and endpoint1 have the same values (total power consumption, the accumulated energy), whereas endpoint 2,3,4 map to the three phases 1,2,3. Currently, z-wave.me only shows the “consumed” (rate Type Import) values, whereas it doesn’t display the “produced” (rate Type Export) values. We’ve notified z-wave.me about this a few weeks ago. They said that it will be added to their queue of features, which will be added.​
For now there are only three gateway, platforms that can receive and show the import and the export (produced power) on the market for now that are: : ioBroker, zwavejs2mqtt, Toon gateway.

The measures are sent in the reports
Rate Type

I have not investigated what the technical part means, but this might answer a few of your questions and provide some technical details to the z-wave binding issue.

There is one difference though and that is that I only see “exported” kWh and kAVh, but I’m only interested in “imported”… In the beginning of my support talk with Qubino, they provided me with their latest firmware and after updating to that I don’t have any other issues. Only the Z-wave binding support (as I understood it) is missing.

@chris would need the details in case the OH binding needs updating. Open an issue on GitHub.

Created an issue for the missing support: Qubino 3-phase power meter: Missing support for reported value · Issue #1545 · openhab/org.openhab.binding.zwave · GitHub

Beside that, I think the meter is working as expected as far as I’ve tested it.

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