Queries on Connecting Any Wifi Device to Openhab

I have very basic queries on connecting any wifi deivce and controlling it using openhab2.

  1. Can any wifi enabled device which comes with an Android/iOS App (to control it over the internet) be connected to openhab?
  2. How a wifi device advertise the channels to the openhab? Or is there a way these channels can be determined?
  3. How to determine the channel capabilities of the device which can be controller through openhab?

e.g. As @marvkis developed biding for Bose Soundtouch, what documentation he referred to or how did he determine the capabilities of the device which can be controlled through openhab? As the product doesn’t come with any any such documentaion, which provide all these details.

  1. In theory, YES
  2. You will need the API from the manufacturer or failing that reverse engineer the protocol with a tool like wireshark
  3. See 2


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What @vzorglub said.
Look at the http binding documentation for examples.


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Hi @Amit

it’s quite how @vzorglub described it how I did it with the plugin - My infrastructure allowed my to Capture all communication from a wireless client and forward it to my PC with a Wireshark running on it. Then I had an additional client (my mobile phone) with an APP running on it to control the device. Every time after doing an action on the APP I studied the collected data and learned…

Based on this knowledge I developed the plugin. Depending on the complexity of the device it might be enough to just utilise the http-binding as @OhadEytan or to dig into openHAB development. But there also some quite good quick-start guides as long as you are familiar with java development…


Hi @marvkis, @vzorglub, @OhadEytan,

Thanks for the response. Actually I do not have any software development background. I am in semiconductor domain and interested in learning Java development. As I have interest in home automation as a hobby, I thought of working on OpenHab, which has a good forum to help me learn and make.
I am not sure if I am asking for too much but any pointers which can help me understand the concepts and ramp up faster are welcome.