Querstion about moving from another controller to OpenHAB - must all Zwave devices be re-paired?

I am today using HomeSeer with a UZB zwave.me USB stick and is considering to migrate to openHAB.
However I have a large number of ZWAVE devices paired with this USB stick (some built into walls switches around the house etc.) so re-pairing everything would be a quite substantial work.
Is there any way to use this stick with OpenHAB WITHOUT having to de-pair all the Z-wave devices (I am fine with re-doing the automation as the better possibilities provided by OpenHAB is one of the main reasons for migrating) or is this required?

Assuming your USB stick is supported by the Z-Wave Binding:
No need to re-pair your devices (battery operated device will take some time to get fully discovered or must be forced to wake up), but one thing to note:
If your devices aren’t in the OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database, they will be in the state “unknown device” and won’t be operational until someone (you? :slight_smile: ) adds them to the database. You then would need to install the latest Z-Wave Binding snapshot. But AFAIK, snapshots are available for openHAB 4.x only.

If some of your devices are not in the database, you might consider the latest milestone release (openHAB 4), otherwise use the latest stable release (openHAB 3.4.2).

What you need to have at least though, IMHO, is the “Network Security Key”, as far as I remember.

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That is indeed good news - I do not expect any of my devices to be unsupported as they are all of the main brands (Qubino & Fibaro) and I have no battery operated devices but I will double check the specifics to be sure…
I have actually already tested the compatibility of the Z-wave stick (I had an identical spare that I have not needed to use so far) and tried including and do automation with a Z-wave device with expected result in openHAB.
Assuming stick and Z-wave devices are compatible what will I need to do in openHAB - just scan the Z-wave binding for the stick again or is something more advanced required to be able to create things and start automating?

Hmmm what is the “Network Security Key” (not so much into the internals of Z-wave just a naive user) and how do I get hold of it?

You would have to extract it from your current installation and to transfer it to the Z-Wave controller in openHAB (enter it into the ‘Network Security Key’ field of the Z-Wave controller Thing - field is hidden behind ‘Advanced’ checkbox IIRC).