Query miflora moisture level via Alexa voice command

I’d like to query my plant’s moisture levels via Alexa voice commands – like I do with room temperatures. Unfortunately I cannot use the tag [CurrentTemperature] for this since its unit is °C not percent.

I have number items reflecting the moisture levels in openHAB – coming from miflora MQTT.

Is there someone who has already implemented this? Do you have any hints on how this could be possible?

Although i have 15 sensores i never had the request from my familiy to as for the humidity level. At the end look at the Alexa Documentation and find the party to query humidity.

Number CurrentHumidity "Current Humidity" {alexa="CurrentHumidity"}

Shoudl do the trick

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Thanks for your feedback! I’ve tried this and Alexa now detects the sensor. The myopenhab.org REST api also shows the sensor as humidity sensor, which looks great.

Now my problem is that I do not know how to query Alexa for the item in german language.

Asking “Alexa, wie ist die Feuchtigkeit von Pflanze” does not work.

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Try to ask for “Luftfeuchtigkeit”.

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Good idea, I’ve tried this, but Alexa resposnds “I don’t know this location”.

It seems to be an issue with the item naming: although Alexa recognizes “Pflanze” as I judge from the input received from AmazonEchoControl binding, the Alexa backend does not. Amazon 2nd level support confirmed this and recommended renaming the item, which works for me. (Also they promised to improve their language models)

Asking for “Luftfeuchtigkeit” is required, just “Feuchtigkeit” does not work.

So for anyone else out there: try renaming the item until it works…

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Have you tried using “Feuchtigkeit” as a friendlyName in the item definition?

Number HumiditySensor "Pflanze" <humidity> {channel="mqtt:topic:mqtt-broker:plant:moisture", alexa="CurrentHumidity" [friendlyNames="Feuchtigkeit"]}

Is this what you’re suggesting? If so, Alexa keeps reading wiki articles, if I ask for it.