Question about astro binding in OH 2.1


I try to use some rules for the astro binding but I don’t get i all…
I have a sunset configurated with a delay of 20 minutes.

but when I do:

Channel ‘astro:sun:home:set#event’ triggered START

The rule alays executed with the delay time.
How can I create rules that triggers on the normal sunset time and other rules that uses the sunset time with delay?

I tried this for a trigger whitout delay but this don’t work:

Channel ‘astro:sun:home:set#set’ triggered START

Normally… not… if you set an offset on the thing, it will affect the #event channel.

In theory… you could have 2 things defined with different offsets…

Double Sun !

Indeed. This is what you have to do. The offset moves the actual events. You need a separate Thing for the “real” sunset and your offset sunset.

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Is that possible in the paper UI?
Or do I have to make this new things in the .things file?

You can make new things in paper UI. Go to configuration Things and hit the +

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