Question about Nikobus

Hello all,

I’m new to OpenHab. I have a nikobus installation for 15 years and I’ve recently bought a 05-200.
My 05-200 is connected to a raspberry with a rs232 to usb cable I bought on aliexp.
And my raspberry is powered with MeanWell DR-15-5 in switchboard.

I’ve installed openhab2. I’ve installed the Nikobus binding, I’ve used the debug mode to discover all the adresses of my Nikobus installation. I’ve also added a panel that switch on and off a light: I’ve added a .items file with one switch and my panel uses that switch with a ON command. Not sure it’s the right way, but it works.

However I don’t understand how I can make that panel change its status when that light is switched on or off directly from a wall switch. I’ve been reading the tutorial ( over and over and I don’t understand what I have to do.

Can anyone help me on that topic ?
I’m looking for a items files example and also how to set the panel accordingly.



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How is your services/nikobus.cfg file configured? Maybe try adjusting the refresh rate to something other that the default 600.

Hi H102. Thank you for your input.

I have the default settings (and I believe it’s 600).
My concern is that, for one it doesn’t work with my panel (it’s not “aware”), and second the tutorial in the paragraph named “Configuring a Switch Module” at the end states this:

Changing the status of the switch module channels is always done for a complete channel group. So sending an ON command to the light_office item in the example above sets the status for channels 1-6: channel 1 will be set to ON and channel 2 to 6 will be set to whatever the last state was that openHAB has for those channels.

Since all the channels in the entire channel group are switched to their new state, it's important that openHAB knows the current state of all the channels in that group. Otherwise, a channel which was switched on by a button may be switched off again by the command.

In order to keep an up to date state of the channels in openHAB, button configurations can be extended to include detail on which channel groups the button press affects.

When configured, the status of the channel groups to which the button is linked, will be queried every time the button is pressed. Every status query takes between 300-600 ms, so to get the best performance, only add the affected channel groups in the configuration, which has the following format:

Switch myButton {nikobus="<button>[<moduleAddress>-<channelGroup>, <moduleAddress>-<channelGroup>, ...]"}

So I gather you have to do something specific in your items file in order to make your panel aware, but I don’t know exactly what. That’s why I was wondering if someone could share his item files and a configuration for a panel.

Thank you

What is the panel your referring to, Habmin, BasicUI, etc…?

I apologize I didn’t see your question until now.
I have a .items file where i’ve declared:

Switch Hallway { nikobus=“92A8:1]” }

In HabPanel, I drop a button. I edit it:

In Item openHAB: I select Hallway. In Command, ON, in Alternative Command OFF.

It works, I can switch on/off my hallway from the button.

But as I said, my button is not “aware”.

I hope I’m clear.

No one to answer my question ?
Maybe I don’t understand openhab and a panel cannot be “aware” and you have to code to change its state based on events the nikobus binding (I suppose) is generating ?