Question about OH2 and sitemaps

Hello all,

I understand that the sitemap functionality in OH2 is going away. However, I am building some static conf files and I can see all my items, groups, etc in the Classic UI but when I use the Paper UI I see no groups.

I am a little confused, I know that OH2 persists its data in the MapDB, but when I erased the default demo configuration stuff in the configuration files, the Paper UI changed to reflect that.

What am I missing? Does OH2 build a MapDB equivalent of the configuration files at some point that I am not seeing?

No - sitemaps will be retained in ESH, but the intention is to enhance them. This just hasn’t been done yet. The PaperUI may not support sitemaps, but that’s a separate issue. If you check out the ESH forum you’ll find a discussion on this…

I don’t think ESH persists items that are created with the DSL into MapDB - or if it does, I suspect that if you delete them, they will also be deleted in MapDB. Otherwise, the DSL configuration wouldn’t be able to be changed if everything was stored in MapDB…