Question about rollershutter, dimmer, slider objects! Please help!

Hi everyone, as the title, I hope someone can help me out!

I’m currently using rollershutter, dimmer, slider objects in my project but I can only turn them on/off (just like normal switches). Is there any example using these objects to adjust multi-level, for example brightness, volume, garage’s roller shutter…?

Another question is when I press the buttons of rollershutter or dimmer objects (up,down, stop buttons), it seems that there is no effect of touching, I mean, I want to change the color of each button whenever I touch it, of course if I press another button, the previous pressed button must return to its original color. Is it possible? How can I do that? Please show me, thanks alot

Any help please?

A little more info please. Are these ZWave items or another protocol? OH1 or OH2?

Are the items created in item files or are they automatically generated in Paper UI (if OH2)?

If item files, can you post the items so they can be reviewed?