Question about rrd4j logic

Hi all,

I have a general question about how data is rotated from the rr4dj db.
My rrd4j config looks like:

Strategies {
everyMinute : “0 * * * * ?”

HeizstromSmartMeter_10180 : strategy = everyMinute

When I query via api, retrieve data in the db I see

datapoints: 341
the oldest point is exactly 24 hours old.

There is a graph connected to this db which shows the plot of last 24 hours.

My question: Does the lifetime of 24 hours is default behaviour or is a graph connected to that db considered in the data rotation procedure.

Thanks a lot

It’s all quite complicated, and is covered in the docs.

rrd4j does data compression; storing real per minute data points for (example) 24hrs, then average for say older in 1-hour intervals, then average for even older data in 24-hour intervals etc.