Question about smart switches and relays

Hi, I’m new to home automation and I’ve been looking into it for the past several days.
Regarding smart switches: I’ve come to the understanding that there are two common wifi types: Tuya (smartlife) and Sonoff (ewelink) under various (usually Chinese) brand names and multiple different apps, but both can be flashed with tasmota firmware.

Assuming I’ve got that right, my question is:
Is it possible to disable the relays within the switches and just use them as remote button panels for various home automation tasks? I’ve seen it demonstrated where a switch has been used remotely to switch a lighting circuit connected to another wifi switch; but I couldn’t help noticing that the relay in the remote switch was still clicking in and out. I don’t like the idea of needlessly energising unnecessary relay coils.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Yesterday using Tasmota you can do this.

Here is a video!