Question about specific wifi led bulbs

I have tried to do a search to get the info I am looking for, but because these bulbs go by so many different names I had a hard time figuring out if these will work with OpenHab.

Here is a link
It is called Arilux, but looks like it uses MagicLight app, so maybe similar hardware?

Just want to see if I can confirm it works with OpenHab. Also, can OpenHab to a “sunrise” alarm, to wakeup to gradually increasing light at a specific time?

Planning on running OpenHab on my Raspberry Pi if that makes any difference.

Don’t know about that globe but I use these ones

This same globe sells under many brands including milight and easybulb. That bulb shape is the latest design and is better than the older globes under the same brands. Make sure it is that shape and it states rgb+cct or sometimes they call it rgb+ww+cw

These globes cost a lot less than Phillips hue and lifx