Question about the structure of endpoints in a MULTI_INSTANCE, SENSOR_MULTILEVEL zwave device

I have trouble to initialise a 3-in-1 motion sensor device (HSM100), that senses motion, temperature and luminance. I suspect that a wrong xml file is generated for the device.
In the reference xml file that another user provided (of different generation) here (should be downloaded for viewing since it fails to parse by the web browser) each endpoint specifies one of these sensors
But the xml file that is generated for my device here shows identical information for all of the nodes, and also, each endpoint lists the supportedCommandClasses of the device.

Can people that have devices that support MULTI_INSTANCE, SENSOR_MULTILEVEL (e.g. Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6) share their xml file?

I want to compare to such devices other and check

  • if it is expected to have all 9 command classes appear identically for each of the endpoints?
  • if the endpoints specify different sensors in each of them (e.g. LUMINANCE, TEMPERATURE)


Often, the answer to this question is No for most devices, but I think for this device the answer is that it’s the same. If you remember the email from the supplier who said that this implementation in this device was old and that’s why they report invalid channels such as WAKEUP in all command classes.

At the end of the day, it’s down to the sensor though…