Question about thing "Axpert Max x 6 (98x Sensor)"


I’ve installed a couple of EG4 6500EX-48 solar inverters/chargers (made by Axpert/Voltronic) and EG4-LL-V2 batteries and successfully connected them to SolarAssistant. In SolarAssistant, I’ve activated MQTT and route all messages to a Mosquitto bridge. After defining all topics of all inverters and batteries manually in OpenHAB, everything works great, since a couple of weeks.

Today I’ve realized (for the first time), that OpenHAB has detected a thing with the label “Axpert Max x 6 (98x Sensor)” and the UID: mqtt:homeassistant_sa_5Finverter:mymosquittobroker:sa_5Finverter

Now I wonder if OpenHAB automatically uses the same discovery mechanism which HomeAssistant uses to auto-detect these types of inverters (MQTT retained messages sent by SolarAssistant). In the documentation of SolarAssistant there is an auto-discovery described for HomeAssistant and it looks like, that OpenHAB uses the same mechanism?!

I can’t really find a documentation in OpenHAB about this type of MQTT thing discovery of these inverters…

It’s not really important because everything is working with manual setup, but it would be interesting how this discovery mechanism works.

Yep, Home Assistant auto-discovery is available in the MQTT binding. That’s covered here:

Thanks a lot!

Now I understand that the “HomeAssistant MQTT Components Binding” is a standard extension of the OpenHAB “MQTT Binding” and it’s automatically active for discovery. I was not aware of this mechanism before.